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Welcome to the Revamped BSTC Website

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Though it remains under construction, the modernized website for the Beech Street Theatre Company nears completion! This first blog post serves as example for what's to come in the future of this website.

We've been working hard all summer long to plan, develop, and design this site to suit the character of Beech Street. Its planning has been supervised by veteran board member Debra, its design spearheaded by new youthful BSTC enthusiast Aria, and aided by digital media representative on the board, Thomas.

Even as we remain steadfast along our push deeper into this new decade, and ever closer to the 10th birthday of BSTC, we continue to be...

Collage made by Thomas Payne for the revamped Beech Street Theatre Company Website featuring various members of the theatre through the years
The Little Theatre With A Big Heart

The Little Theatre With A Big Heart!

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