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BSTC's Build A Play Program

The BSTC reaches out to the community, bringing the theatre experience to people who may not otherwise get the opportunity with our “Build A Play” program. In 2018, the BSTC worked with the Brain Injury Association of Durham Region (BIAD), the Thrive Program at the Abilities Centre and the Alzheimer Society of Durham Region. These groups create their own plays and characters, create the set and design the costumes. After several weeks of rehearsals, they perform the play.  In 2019, we added the Back Door Mission and the BIAD Youth Group to our group of theatre participants.

It looks like things have finally opened up for the Beech Street Theatre Company after over two years of inactivity. We resumed our ‘Build A Play’ program with BIAD on May 17th 2022, it was play called “Overcooked and Underdone”, which was performed on July 26th at the BIAD office. 


There will be one Build A Play program in Summer 2023, dates and venue TBD. Our drama sessions with BIAD will resume in September 2023.

Recent & Upcoming Activity

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