Sammy Ulrich-Steacy.jpg

Meet Sammy Ulrich-Steacy! Sammy was introduced to Beech Street Theatre Company when we ran the Build-A-Play program at the Abilities Centre. Since then, she has a consistent attendance record for productions, and most recently held the role of a shepherd in The First Miracle!


What is your favourite part about working with BSTC?


I really like how friendly and fun the cast and crew are at every BSTC rehearsal and production.  We always get to wear interesting and sometimes weird costumes, need to learn some silly lines for the play and there are always yummy snacks in the green room.  And when my friends and family come to see me in the plays and clap.


What advice would you give to new actors?


Practice makes perfect!  You have to go to all the rehearsals so the play will be great when you perform it in front of the audience.


What have you learned from working with BSTC?


BSTC gives everyone a chance to be an actor.  Some people have been in lots of plays and some people are new to acting, but everyone has their own special talents.


What is your favourite animal?


My cat Becky.  We call her Becky-the-Wondercat and she’s black, so she’s our little house panther.