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Matt Godfrey

Tell us a bit about your introduction to Beech Street and what you’re working on right now. 


I first met Michael (Kashmanian) when he walked into BIAD (the Brain Injury Association of Durham) with the idea of having the people that attend BIAD do a short play.  It was suggested that I take a part. I loved it, and I have been involved with Michael's works' ever since. That was approximately five years ago. Now I have progressed to doing the sound for BSTC and in our current dinner theatre, the Sodfather, I am doing the sound and a speaking part. 


Choose 3 words to describe BSTC.   


Three words I would use to describe BSTC are “rewarding”, “flexible”, and at times “hectic”. 


What have you gained from being involved with BSTC? 


I have gained friendships, knowledge, and appreciation of the effort and work that goes into each performance AND that each performance is a new learning experience with a different outcome every show. I think that is what has fueled my appreciation of live theatre. The ever-changing scenario's and the quick on-their-feet actors that make the play 'flow'. 


What advice would you give to those just starting out in theatre? 


My advice for anyone starting out in live theatre is to work with a mentor. Someone that will help you with anything you would like do in theatre. Fortunately, I found in BSTC a group of actors and actresses that are amazing to work with and learn from. And whether he knows it or not Michael is my mentor. 


Do you have a favourite quote?  


I used to be an avid reader and my favourite quote is from a Louis L'amour novel..."Forgiveness is the fragrance of the rose that clings fast to the heel that stomped it!"