September 2020

By: Alex Evans

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(Virtual) Productions 

“What’s happening with community theatre folks?” – by Joe Szekeres, featuring Michael Khashmanian 

Spotlight: Meet Matt Godfrey! 

Word Play by Debra Paul 


Upcoming (Virtual) Productions: 


Only a few nights left of the Northumberland Summer Shorts festival! Get your tickets and catch your fellow BSTC members in the following: 


Aug 29th  

“The Acme Sorting Company” written by Jim Finan and directed by Jack Boyagian, performed by Oliver Parker, Kate Shuker, Matt Blundell, Alex Stamp, Kelly Paron, Ron Newcombe, Garret Lee, Michael Khashmanian, and Marg Kropf 


For the full lineup, evening showtimes and tickets - click here! 



What’s happening with community theatre folks? – by Joe Szekeres, featuring Michael Khashmanian


Read BSTC’s very own Michael Khashmanian’s comments on the impacts of COVID-19 on live theatre, the future and the value of artistic expression.  






Meet Matt Godfrey! Matt has been actively involved with BSTC for about 5 years and always shows up to the task, whatever it may be. Matt’s dedication and personality truly makes the dream work.

Word Play by Debra Paul


Are you a Beech Street diehard? Test your knowledge of Beech Street Theatre Company’s plays in this word scramble! Answers will be released in the next newsletter. 

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