It’s been a short while since you attended a live theatre performance, but the wait is over! It’s short, it’s summer, it’s virtual – Northumberland Players Summer Shorts Festival opens Tuesday, August 25th!
Get your online tickets (for FREE) and support local theatre, plus fellow BSTC members!
Shorts featuring some of BSTC’s own:
Aug 25th  
“Death Certificate” written and directed by Michael Khashmanian, performed by Debra Paul and Michael Khashmanian
“I’m Fine” written and directed by Alyssa Warmland, performed by Jeanette Breward, Carol-Anne Caswell, Elizabeth Rennie, Bill Walker, Oliver Parker, Matt Kowalyk, Neil Torrie, and Harriet Karch
Aug 26th 
“Fandom” written and directed by Alicia Plummer, performed by Oliver Parker, Mya Wong, and Sofia Eisdath
Aug 29th 
“The Acme Sorting Company” written by Jim Finan and directed by Jack Boyagian, performed by Oliver Parker, Kate Shuker, Matt Blundell, Alex Stamp, Kelly Paron, Ron Newcombe, Garret Lee, Michael Khashmanian, and Marg Kropf
For the full lineup, evening showtimes and tickets - click here!